Remote Control N2QBYB000024 For TV Remote Control Sound Touch Controller N2QBYB000026

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Compatible with following models:

TC-L47WT60, TC-L55DT60, TC-L55DT60W, TC-L55WT60, TC-L60DT60, TC-L60DT60W, TH-L50DT60A, TX-L42DT60E, TX-L42DT60Y, TX-L42DT65B, TX-L42DTW60, TX-L47DT60E, TX-L47DT60Y, TX-L47DT65B, TX-L47DTW60, TX-L50DT60E, TX-L50DT60Y, TX-L50DT65B, TX-L50DTW60, TX-L55DT60E, TX-L55DT60Y, TX-L55DT65B, TX-L55DTW60, TX-L60DT60E, TX-L60DT60Y, TX-L60DT65B, TX-L60DTW60, TX-LR42DT60, TX-LR47DT60, TX-LR50DT60, TX-LR55DT60, TX-LR60DT60
Pairing method:
1. Turn on the device on the TV.
2. Please keep the pairing (2 minutes) close to the TV body within about 50 cm.
3. Select "device Setting" - "touch pad remote Setting" - "register" and press "OK".
4. If the pairing fails to register, please try pearing again after approaching the Bluetooth -transmission / receiving unit of the TV unit.

Package Content: 1X Remote Control(Battery not included)

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Function Custom
Digital LED Display
Timer Function
LED indicator Light
Single Service
Shield Custom
Anti interference
Anti Shock
Anti Skid
Audio/Video Players
Air Conditioner
Home Appliance
Home Automation
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Other Custom
Color & Printing
Pantone Color Customized, more than 3000+ choices
Key Custom
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