J-25021 MBE690 Remote Control fit for Projectors T-2501 X1123H X1223H PE-W45 F25W

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The remote control is compatible with: 

X128H X128GH X128 EV-S57AH EV-X57AH X118H X118AH X1227i DX212G DX112 DX112C DX112G X1127i D616D D616 D606D X118 X118GH X1126AH X1226AH D606B D606 D506AD D616Di D606Di D616D+ D606D+ EV-X65H EV-X65 D516AD EV-S65H EV-S65A EV-S65 V60Xi V60Si V36SB V16S V26AS V26AX

AX610i AS610i AX610 AS610 AX319 AX319D AS319 AS319E AS309 AS600A AX600A EV-X57i EV-S57i DX212 DX125A DX225A BS-125i BS-025i BS-112 BS-112E BS-012 BS-012K BS-012E BS-025A BS-125A DX225i DX125i KX316 KS316 BS-512 KU316

Package Content: 1X Remote Control(Battery not included)

Remote control industry customization experts
Function Custom
Digital LED Display
Timer Function
LED indicator Light
Single Service
Shield Custom
Anti interference
Anti Shock
Anti Skid
Audio/Video Players
Air Conditioner
Home Appliance
Home Automation
Materials Select
Other Custom
Color & Printing
Pantone Color Customized, more than 3000+ choices
Key Custom
Key Numbers & Function Could Be Customized

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