AKB75375608 Remote Control fit for 32LK61 32LK62 43LK59 43LK61 50UK67 50UK69 55SK80 55UK64 55UK65 Series LED LCD TV

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The remote control is compatible with: 

32LK61 32LK62 43LK59 43LK61 43UK63 43UK64 43UK65 43UK67 43UK69 49LK59 49LK61 49SK80 49UK63 49UK64 49UK75 50UK64 50UK65 50UK67 50UK69 55SK80 55UK64 55UK65 55UK67 55UK69 55UK75 65SK80 65UK64 65UK65 65UK67 65UK69 65UK75 70UK67 70UK69 75SK81 75UK65 75UK67 86UK65 86UK67 32LK6100PLB 32LK610BPLB 32LK615BPLB 32LK6190PLA 32LK6200PLA 43LK5900PLA 43LK5910PLC 43LK5990PLE 43LK6100PLA 43UK6390PLG 43UK6400PLF 43UK6450PLC 43UK6470PLC

43UK6500LLA 43UK6500MLA 43UK6500PLA 43UK6510PLB 43UK6550PLD 43UK6710PLB 43UK6750PLD 43UK6950PLB 49LK5900PLA 49LK5910PLC 49LK6100PLA 49SK8000PTA 49SK8000PVA 49UK6390PLG 49UK6400PLF 49UK6450PLC 49UK6470PLC 49UK7500PTA 49UK7500PVA 49UK7550PTA 49UK7700PTA 50UK6410PLC 50UK6470PLC 50UK6500LLA 50UK6500MLA 50UK6500PLA 50UK6510PLB 50UK6550PLD 50UK6710PLB 50UK6750PLD 50UK6950PLB 55SK8000PTA 55SK8000PVA 55UK6400PLF 55UK6450PLC
55UK6470PLC 55UK6500LLA 55UK6500MLA 55UK6500PLA 55UK6510PLB

55UK6550PLD 55UK6710PLB 55UK6750PLD 55UK6950PLB 55UK7500PTA 55UK7500PVA 55UK7550PTA 55UK7700PTA 65SK8000PTA 65SK8000PVA 65UK6400PLF 65UK6450PLC 65UK6470PLC 65UK6500LLA 65UK6500MLA 65UK6500PLA 65UK6710PLB 65UK6750PLD 65UK6950PLB 65UK7500PTA 65UK7500PVA 65UK7550PTA 65UK7700PTA 70UK6950PLA 75SK8000PTA 75SK8100PTA 75SK8100PVA 75UK6500PLA 75UK6750PLB 86UK6500PLA 86UK6750PLB

Package Content: 1X Remote Control(Battery not included)

Remote control industry customization experts
Function Custom
Digital LED Display
Timer Function
LED indicator Light
Single Service
Shield Custom
Anti interference
Anti Shock
Anti Skid
Audio/Video Players
Air Conditioner
Home Appliance
Home Automation
Materials Select
Other Custom
Color & Printing
Pantone Color Customized, more than 3000+ choices
Key Custom
Key Numbers & Function Could Be Customized

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