AKB73975729 Remote fit for TV 42LB630V-ZA 47LB631V-ZL 55LB630V-ZA 32LB653V-ZK 32LB650V-ZE 32LB650V-ZN

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Compatible with these models:

42LB630V-ZA 42LB631V-ZL 47LB630V-ZA 47LB631V-ZL 55LB630V-ZA 55LB631V-ZL 32LB650V-ZA 32LB652V-ZA 32LB653V-ZK 32LB650V-ZE 32LB650V-ZN 39LB650V-ZA 39LB652V-ZA 39LB653V-ZK 39LB650V-ZE 39LB650V-ZN 42LB650V-ZA 42LB652V-ZA 42LB653V-ZK 42LB650V-ZE 42LB650V-ZN 47LB650V-ZA 47LB652V-ZA 47LB653V-ZK 47LB650V-ZE 47LB650V-ZN 50LB650V-ZA 50LB652V-ZA 50LB653V-ZK 50LB650V-ZE 50LB650V-ZN 55LB650V-ZA 55LB652V-ZA 55LB653V-ZK 55LB650V-ZE 55LB650V-ZN 60LB650V-ZN;

70LB650V-ZA 70LB650V-ZB 42LB670V-ZA 42LB671V-ZB 42LB671V-ZF 42LB673V-ZB 42LB675V-ZA 42LB677V-ZC 42LB679V-ZF 47LB670V-ZA 47LB671V-ZB 47LB671V-ZF 47LB673V-ZB 47LB675V-ZA 47LB677V-ZC 47LB679V-ZF 50LB670V-ZA 50LB671V-ZB 50LB671V-ZF 50LB673V-ZB 50LB675V-ZA 50LB677V-ZC 50LB679V-ZF 55LB670V-ZA 55LB671V-ZB 55LB671V-ZF 55LB673V-ZB 55LB675V-ZA 55LB677V-ZC 55LB679V-ZF 42LB680V-ZA 42LB680V-ZD 47LB680V-ZA 47LB680V-ZD 55LB680V-ZA 55LB680V-ZD 60LB680V-ZA 60LB680V-ZD 65LB680V-ZA 65LB680V-ZD 42LB690V-ZA;

42LB690V-ZC 47LB690V-ZA 47LB690V-ZC 55LB690V-ZA 55LB690V-ZC 42LB720V-ZA 42LB720V-ZB 42LB720V-ZG 47LB720V-ZA 47LB720V-ZB 47LB720V-ZG 55LB720V-ZA 55LB720V-ZB 55LB720V-ZG 60LB720V-ZA 60LB720V-ZB 60LB720V-ZG 65LB720V-ZA 65LB720V-ZB 65LB720V-ZG 42LB730V-ZA 42LB730V-ZD 42LB731V-ZE 47LB730V-ZA 47LB730V-ZD 47LB731V-ZE 55LB730V-ZA 55LB730V-ZD 55LB731V-ZE 60LB730V-ZA 60LB730V-ZD 60LB731V-ZE 65LB730V-ZA 65LB730V-ZD 65LB731V-ZE 49LB860V-ZA 49LB860V-ZB 55LB860V-ZA 55LB860V-ZB 60LB860V-ZA 60LB860V-ZB;

Package Content: 1X Remote Control(Battery not included)

Remote control industry customization experts
Function Custom
Digital LED Display
Timer Function
LED indicator Light
Single Service
Shield Custom
Anti interference
Anti Shock
Anti Skid
Audio/Video Players
Air Conditioner
Home Appliance
Home Automation
Materials Select
Other Custom
Color & Printing
Pantone Color Customized, more than 3000+ choices
Key Custom
Key Numbers & Function Could Be Customized

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